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Navient is a U.S. corporation based in Wilmington, Delaware, whose operations include servicing and collecting student loans. Managing nearly $300 billion in student loans for more than 12 million debtors, the company was formed in 2014 by the split of Sallie Mae into two distinct entities, Sallie Mae Bank and Navient. Navient employs 6,000 individuals at offices across the U.S. As of 2018, Navient services 25% of student loans in the United States.

In January 2017, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against Navient. The CFPB accused Navient of failing to act in its customers’ best interests. Among other things, the CFPB charged that Navient: Failed to correctly apply or allocate borrower payments to their accounts. Steered struggling borrowers toward multiple forbearances instead of income-driven repayment (IDR) plan. Deceived private student loan borrowers about cosigner release requirements. Reported loans incorrectly to the credit bureaus. Failed to inform borrowers of IDR plan renewal deadlines. In August 2017, Navient filed a motion for the CFPB lawsuit to be dismissed. A federal judge denied the motion, and this lawsuit is still open as of April 10, 2020.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They're threatening to fire me even though I'm high risk for covid-19 cause I was admitted to the hospital and given direction not to return to work for 3-4 days due to covid testing. Ive been unable to receive all of my training due to being Ill, once I was better I had to wait weeks to get training. Due to the extended time frame of my training they're considering terminating me and having me re-apply for the position so they don't have to pay me for the time in between. Office staff wasn't wearing masks"

Former Employee - Collector says

"they clearly find ways to NOT- repeat, NOT- reward effort and talent. Few bonuses. Only downhill during my time."

Current Employee - Senior says

"Our performance-based rewards and recognition program drives our teams to be the best. That said, we can always do more to celebrate the excellent work of #TeamNavient. If you would like to share more feedback to help us improve, please email us at"

Current Employee - IT Support Engineer says

"Long Hours, a lot of issues with communication, no flexibility or movement within the company,"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"They are awful and they have a lot of favoritism, they don’t help unless you are apart of their favorite people. Team leads don’t do their job either they sit and talk or flirt with everyone instead of helping. It’s unprofessional NothingEverything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I have worked in the student loans fields for more than 10 years. Never had i ever been told i couldnt talk to another manager about a problem until navient. And was then told if i wanted to advance there id learned to suck it up and shut up and deal with it by my manager. I had many items that were stolen from my desk. No one saw anything. Calling in was a mess because you have like 40 numbered to call until you reach a manager as well as the call in line where you leave a voicemail. I went through 6 weeks of training and managers and mentors and team leads dont know how to deal with The clients or how to talk to you as a team member. I wouldnt wish this job on anyone. Diversity is awful here. Age discrimination and race discrimination. I wouldnt wish this job on my worst enemy. And the clients do not come first at all... Department of Education really screwed up with keeping this company around.You get to go home at the end of the dayYou have to come to work there"

Credit Reporting Specialist (Current Employee) says

"My typical day consists of college placement. I have learned the Excel program. Management seems to be overly concerned with looking for mistakes. The hardest part of my job is making sure the placements go into the correct client number. Overall the job is not stimulating."

Volunteer Dr # (Former Employee) says

"If there was a way to give a negative star, I would. I hated going to work. You didn’t get paid enough for all you had to do. I would NOT go back to this company. They set you up to fail. Just don’t do it. Don’t go to work there!"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Sallie Mae before the company split and ended up on the servicing side which is Navient. No direction where the company was going. Yearly layoffs after the split. No relief in sight as hiring was practically frozen in my business area as well as no career path or opportunity to advance. Annual employee engagement surveys steadily declining and even though a lot of this was addressed, no sustainable action to change things. I would not recommend this company to family or friends"

Bilingual English/Spanish customer care specialist (Former Employee) says

"This job is so stressful and most of the supervisors won’t even pay mind to what you do. Speaking for My supervisor who would not engage with her team. She would walk up your aisle and if you would ask for help sometimes she will help others she would say “im not here and walk away”. Other supervisor do care about their team but most just sit at there desk and don’t do anything at all."

Student Loan Servicing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Only cares about shareholders. Mandatory overtime all the time. discriminates against the disabled in the workplace. Nothing good to say about this place."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"the Milwaukee ,WI has horrible management and set me up for failure. Just another company treating their employees like numbers . Horrible horrible horrible"

Account Manager/Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They don’t value you. They treat you like a robot not a human being. They give you and employee ID number and that is what you become to them . Just a number. The policy is backwards. The people I worked with at the company was great just not the company itself."

Forms Processor (Former Employee) says

"Compared to the stress of the job, and impossible work expectations, the pay is misserably low. Employees are boxed in super tight. They beg for work from home employee s but then try to say it is a privilege despite work numbers being the same between work from home and office. Toxic place."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible the expectation on how fast to get through the calls was ridiculous. If you spoke up asking about getting paid more because they had us doing more work you get fired."

Anchor Point (Former Employee) says

"This company has a horrrible reputation with their clients. They do student loan, IRS, and state collections and a VERY aggressive. I felt like I worked for the devil working here, they are not the least bit caring about anyone."

Pre-Court & Commercial Collections Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"It was not the same once we were bought out by Navient. We went from being a family oriented organization to strictly business. Having gatherings each month to encourage employee participation to only doing the bare minimum. To being free to empower employees to make good judgement decisions to micromanaging employees."

Collector (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible. They dont trian properly and treat you like its your fault. If you need emergency surgery you better not go for it because they threaten your job. You don't work as a team everyone fight against each other . don't make the same mistake I did .... You'll thank me later!NoneNavient"

Default Specialist/Collections (Former Employee) says

"Too much micro managing going on. I was started there when pregnant and had to ask to use bathroom which was ridiculous. I have a Masters degree. Sad!Nonemicro manage"

IRS Certified Tax Preparer (Former Employee) says

"THIS PLACE IS A JOKE!!! Nobody knows what’s every going on. They make you. Harass Borrowers. Everyone in management tells you something different they only care about money and if you don’t make your goal they will fire you. They pay nice yes but go somewhere else and get your nice work ethic appreciated.PayEverything else"

Customer Resolution Specialist (Former Employee) says

"No work/life balance unless you can dedicate over 80 working hours in ONE week!! They give you PTO but it is earned with how many hours you work and if you do not work at LEAST 60 hours a week you will never meet your numbers."

Debt Collector (Former Employee) says

"This is regarding the Milwaukee branch located in NAVIENT/ duncan solutions on Wisconsin avenue. Quitting was like winning the lottery! An early Christmas present to myself. I made it clear i wanted to transfer my acquired skill set to the mail room as working in the call center became torture for me, they denied me. They reel you in with their prominent ads flooded all over online job sites. The paid training is good decent but if you don't question and learn in those first two weeks good luck on the phone. you will be getting blasted with customer inquiries. not only that they have these annoying transfer agents whose sole job is to get people on the phone to talk to you. the specialist. if you don't know what you are talking about you're SOL. Having a slow day with low call volumes? THIS IS __ WITH THE TRANSFER GROUP! THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS THEY HAVE A GROUP OF DEDICATED COLD CALLERS WHO HAVE NO TRAINING JUST TO GET PEOPLE ON THE PHONE WITH THEIR TRAINED REPRESENTATIVES. this is a recipe for disaster. and BACK TO BACK CALLS. High stress environment with revolving doors. AUDITS. they audit you to ensure you do not bonus out. you will be promised opportunity to earn extra incentives but they don't pay out. Their ad promising upwards of 40,000 a year is misleading. Unless you are the manager, which i doubt even she makes that. you aren't getting a penny more than 16,800 a YEAR. thats right folks after taxes 16,800 yearly salary. thats if you come every single day, and opt out of the health insurance offerings. their my navient well being web portal will calculatePaid trainingtransfer agents, talk to angry people daily, talk until you lose your voice."

Collector I (Current Employee) says

"it's not fun. it's stressful. the job is depressing. a typical day at work I tell people to pay up or suffer the consequences, if applicable. hardest part of the job is facilitating extortion against citizens of the united states for the profits of the government and private companies. the fact that i collect 30k a month and barely take home 1,400 dollars a month is malarkey. not flexible at all with hours. Would probably endure this job 20 hours a week. anything more than 33 hours a week is too much of this kind of job.pto, 401kcompensation, call volumes, noise levels. modify time card without consent"

Collections Representative I (Former Employee) says

"I would rather go through the gas chamber at basic training again before I would work that job. They make it where you have an 8 million dollar goal and your working current accounts you do not get credit for. When hired they tell you about all collectors but from what I seen it was the highest turnober rate I have ever seen. I would rather work at McDonald's. They ruin people's lives.especially borrowersPTO Health CareManagement, Goals that are set to high that are in possible to reach unless you have been there forever"

GAY says

"I was paying this student loan consistently at 50 dollars, then increased it to 100 dollars FOR YEARS,then I noticed the balance never changed.
I stopped because of hardship. I paid one time 500 dollars same thing the balanced never changed. I stopped due to frustration and I found out my balance of 5K, they splitted it 5 times that I owe 1K, IK,1K,1K,1K.
They reported me delinquent 5 different times and 5 ways you could imagine to destroy your credit.

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